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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Orthopedic

The branch of surgery and medicine concerned with the correction or reconstruction of skeletal and spinal deformities.

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Acetabular fracture on the left posterior column/transverse posterior wall variety with an accompanying displaced fracture of the intertrochanteric variety to the left hip. Osteosynthesis of acetabular fracture on the left, complex variety and total hip replacement.

Osteotomy & Bunionectomy
Distal metaphyseal osteotomy and bunionectomy with internal screw fixation, right foot. Reposition osteotomy with internal screw fixation to correct angulation deformity of proximal phalanx, right foot.

Osteotomy & Bunionectomy - 1
Plantar flex third metatarsal and talus bunion, right foot. Third metatarsal osteotomy, talus bunionectomy, and application of short-leg cast, right foot. Patient has tried conservative methods such as wide shoes and serial debridement and accommodative padding, all of which provided inadequate relief. At this time she desires to attempt a surgical correction.

Pain Management Consult - 1
Pain management for post-laminectomy low back syndrome and radiculopathy.

Pain Management Consult - 2
Entrapment of the Superior Gluteal Nerve in the aponeurosis of the Gluteus Medius-Left.

Pain Management Progress Note
Pain management sample progress note.

Patellar Tendon & Retinaculum Repair
Patellar tendon and medial and lateral retinaculum repair, right knee. Patellar tendon retinaculum ruptures, right knee.

Pathology - Sesamoid Bone
Specimen labeled "sesamoid bone left foot".

Pectoralis Tendon Repair
Open repair of right pectoralis major tendon. Right pectoralis major tendon rupture. On MRI evaluation, a complete rupture of a portion of the pectoralis major tendon was noted.

Pediatric Rheumatology Consult
A 7-year-old white male started to complain of pain in his fingers, elbows, and neck. This patient may have had reactive arthritis.

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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples