Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples

Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Cardiovascular / Pulmonary

Field of medicine related to heart, blood vessels and blood circulation system and conditions that affect the lungs such as asthma, bronchitis, or chronic lung diseases.

2-D Doppler
Normal left ventricle, moderate biatrial enlargement, and mild tricuspid regurgitation, but only mild increase in right heart pressures.

2-D Echocardiogram - 1
2-D M-Mode. Doppler.

2-D Echocardiogram - 2
2-D Echocardiogram

2-D Echocardiogram - 3
2-D Echocardiogram

2-D Echocardiogram - 4
Echocardiogram and Doppler

Abnormal Echocardiogram
Abnormal echocardiogram findings and followup. Shortness of breath, congestive heart failure, and valvular insufficiency. The patient complains of shortness of breath, which is worsening. The patient underwent an echocardiogram, which shows severe mitral regurgitation and also large pleural effusion.

Abnormal Stress Test
Patient had a markedly abnormal stress test with severe chest pain after 5 minutes of exercise on the standard Bruce with horizontal ST depressions and moderate apical ischemia on stress imaging only.

Acute Inferior Myocardial Infarction
Patient presents with a chief complaint of chest pain admitted to Coronary Care Unit due to acute inferior myocardial infarction.

Adenosine Nuclear Scan
Adenosine with nuclear scan as the patient unable to walk on a treadmill. Nondiagnostic adenosine stress test. Normal nuclear myocardial perfusion scan.

A sample note on Angina.

NOTE: These transcribed medical transcription sample reports and examples are provided by various users and are for reference purpose only. MTHelpLine does not certify accuracy and quality of sample reports. These transcribed medical transcription sample reports may include some uncommon or unusual formats; this would be due to the preference of the dictating physician. All names and dates have been changed (or removed) to keep confidentiality. Any resemblance of any type of name or date or place or anything else to real world is purely incidental.
Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples

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