Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Facial Rhytids

Description: Evaluation and recommendations regarding facial rhytids.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

HISTORY: This 57-year-old female who presented today for evaluation and recommendations regarding facial rhytids. In summary, the patient is a healthy 57-year-old female, nonsmoker with no history of skin disease, who has predominant fullness in the submandibular region and mid face region and prominent nasolabial folds.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I do believe a facelift procedure would be of maximum effect for the patient's areas of concern and a "quick lift" type procedure certainly would address these issues. I went over risks and benefits with the patient along with the preoperative and postoperative care, and risks include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, discharge, scar formation, need for further surgery, facial nerve injury, numbness, asymmetry of face, problems with hypertrophic scarring, problems with dissatisfaction with anticipated results, and she states she will contact us later in the summer to possibly make arrangements for a quick lift through Memorial Medical Center.

Keywords: dermatology, quick lift, hypertrophic scarring, facial rhytids, mid face region, nasolabial folds, lift,