Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: EGD Template - 2

Description: Common description of EGD.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

Informed consent was obtained after explanation of the procedure, as well as risk factors of bleeding, perforation, adverse medication reaction.

The patient was placed in the left lateral decubitus position, medicated with the above medications to achieve and maintain a conscious sedation. Vital signs were monitored throughout the procedure without evidence of hemodynamic compromise or desaturation.

The Olympus single-channel endoscope was passed under direct visualization through the oral cavity and advanced to the second portion of the duodenum.

ESOPHAGUS: Proximal and mid esophagus were without abnormalities.
STOMACH: Insufflated and retroflexed visualization of the gastric cavity revealed

Keywords: surgery, gastric cavity, lateral decubitus position, endoscope, olympus, egd, visualization, cavity, duodenum, esophagus,