Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Perlane & Restylane Injection

Description: Perlane injection for the nasolabial fold. Restylane injection for the glabellar fold.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

1. Nasolabial mesiolabial fold.
2. Mid glabellar fold.

1. Nasolabial mesiolabial fold.
2. Mid glabellar fold.

1. Perlane injection for the nasolabial fold.
2. Restylane injection for the glabellar fold.

ANESTHESIA: Topical with Lasercaine.


PROCEDURE: The patient was evaluated preop and noted to be in stable condition. Chart and informed consent were all reviewed preop. All risks, benefits, and alternatives regarding the procedure have been reviewed in detail with the patient. This includes risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, need for further procedure, etc. The patient did sign the informed consent form regarding the Perlane and Restylane. She is aware of the potential risk of bruising. The patient has had Cosmederm in the past and had had a minimal response with this. Please note Lasercaine had to be applied 30 minutes prior to the procedure. The excess Lasercaine was removed with a sterile alcohol swab.

Using the linear threading technique, I injected the deep nasolabial fold. We used 2 mL of the Perlane for injection of the nasolabial mesiolabial fold. They were carefully massaged into good position at the end of the procedure. She did have some mild erythema noted.

I then used approximately 0.4 mL of the Restylane for injection of the mid glabellar site. She has a resting line of the mid glabella that did not respond with previous Botox injection. Once this was filled, the Restylane was massaged into the proper tissue plane. Cold compressors were applied afterwards. She is scheduled for a recheck in the next one to two weeks, and we will make further recommendations at that time. Post Restylane and Perlane precautions have been reviewed with the patient as well.

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