Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Bronchoscopy Brushings

Description: Bronchoscopy brushings, washings and biopsies. Patient with a bilateral infiltrates, immunocompromised host, and pneumonia.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: Bronchoscopy brushings, washings and biopsies.

HISTORY: This is a 41-year-old woman admitted to Medical Center with a bilateral pulmonary infiltrate, immunocompromise.

INDICATIONS FOR THE PROCEDURE: Bilateral infiltrates, immunocompromised host, and pneumonia.

Prior to procedure, the patient was intubated with 8-French ET tube orally by Anesthesia due to her profound hypoxemia and respiratory distress.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: Under MAC and fluoroscopy, fiberoptic bronchoscope was passed through the ET tube.

ET tube was visualized approximately 2 cm above the carina. Fiberoptic bronchoscope subsequently was passed through the right lower lobe area and transbronchial biopsies under fluoroscopy were done from the right lower lobe x3 as well as the brushings were obtained and the washings. The patient tolerated the procedure well. Postprocedure, the patient is to be placed on a ventilator as well as postprocedure chest x-ray pending. Specimens are sent for immunocompromise panel including PCP stains.

POSTPROCEDURE DIAGNOSIS: Pneumonia, infiltrates.

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