Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy - 1

Description: Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, diagnostic. Hemoptysis and history of lung cancer. Tumor occluding right middle lobe with friability.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

1. Hemoptysis.
2. History of lung cancer.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Tumor occluding right middle lobe with friability.

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, diagnostic.

LOCATION: Endoscopy suite #4.

ANESTHESIA: General per Anesthesia Service.



INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient presented to ABCD Hospital with a known history of lung cancer and acute hemoptysis with associated chest pain. Due to her prior history, it was felt that she would benefit from diagnostic fiberoptic bronchoscopy to help determine the etiology of the hemoptysis. She was brought to endoscopy suite #4 and informed consent was obtained.

PROCEDURE DETAILS: The patient was placed in the supine position and intubated by the Anesthesia Service. Intravenous sedation was given as per Anesthesia. The fiberoptic scope was passed through the #8 endotracheal tube into the main trachea. The right mainstem bronchus was examined. The right upper lobe and subsegments appeared grossly within normal limits with no endobronchial lesions noted. Upon examining the right middle lobe, there was a tumor noted occluding the lateral segment of the right middle lobe and a clot appreciated over the medial segment of the right middle lobe.

The clot was lavaged with normal saline and there was noted to be tumor behind this clot. Tumor completely occluded both segments of the right middle lobe. Scope was then passed to the subsegments of the right lower lobe, which were individually examined and noted to be grossly free of endobronchial lesions. Scope was pulled back to the level of the midtrachea, passed into the left mainstem bronchus. Left upper lobe and its subsegments were examined and noted to be grossly free of endobronchial lesions. The lingula and left lower subsegments were all each individually examined and noted to be grossly free of endobronchial lesions. There were some secretions noted throughout the left lung. The scope was retracted and passed again to the right mainstem bronchus. The area of the right middle lobe was reexamined. The tumor was noted to be grossly friable with oozing noted from the tumor with minimal manipulation. It did not appear as if a scope or cannula could be passed distal to the tumor. Due to continued oozing, 1 cc of epinephrine was applied topically with adequate hemostasis obtained. The area was examined for approximately one minute for assurance of adequate hemostasis. The scope was then retracted and the patient was sent to the recovery room in stable condition. She will be extubated as per the Anesthesia Service. Cytology and cultures were not sent due to the patient's known diagnosis. Further recommendations are pending at this time.

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