Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Pacemaker Insertion

Description: Insertion of transvenous pacemaker for tachybrady syndrome
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Tachybrady syndrome.


OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: Insertion of transvenous pacemaker.


PROCEDURE AND GROSS FINDINGS: The patient's chest was prepped with Betadine solution and a small amount of Lidocaine infiltrated. In the left subclavian region, a subclavian stick was performed without difficulty, and a wire was inserted. Fluoroscopy confirmed the presence of the wire in the superior vena cava. An introducer was then placed over the wire. The wire was removed and replace by a ventricular lead that was seated under Fluoroscopy. Following calibration, the lead was attached to a pacemaker generator that was inserted in a subcutaneous pocket in the left subclavian area.

The subcutaneous tissues were irrigated and closed with Interrupted 4-O Vicryl, and the skin was closed with staples. Sterile dressings were placed, and the patient was returned to the ICU in good condition.

Keywords: surgery, insertion of transvenous pacemaker, fluoroscopy, tachybrady, tachybrady syndrome, chest, pacemaker, subclavian, subcutaneous, superior vena cava, syndrome, transvenous pacemaker, wire, insertion,