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Sample Name: Cardiac Catheterization - 1

Description: Cardiac Catheterization - An obese female with a family history of coronary disease and history of chest radiation for Hodgkin disease, presents with an acute myocardial infarction with elevated enzymes.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: A 51-year-old, obese, white female with positive family history of coronary disease and history of chest radiation for Hodgkin disease 20 years ago with no other identifiable risk factors who presents with an acute myocardial infarction with elevated enzymes. The chest pain occurred early Tuesday morning. She was treated with Plavix, Lovenox, etc., and transferred for coronary angiography and possible PCI. The plan was discussed with the patient and all questions answered.

PROCEDURE NOTE: Following sterile prep and drape, the right groin and instillation of 1% Xylocaine anesthesia, the right femoral artery was percutaneously entered with a single wall puncture. A 6-French sheath inserted. Selective left and right coronary injections performed using Judkins coronary catheters with a 6-French pigtail catheter used to obtain left ventricle pressures, and a left ventriculography. The left pullback pressure. The catheters withdrawn. Sheath injection. Hemostasis obtained with a 6-French Angio-Seal device. She tolerated the procedure well.

Left ventricular end-diastolic pressure equals 25 mmHg post A wave. No aortic valve or systolic gradient on pullback.

I. Left coronary artery: The left main coronary artery is
normal. The left anterior descending extends to the apex and has only minor luminal irregularities within the midportion of the vessel. Normal diagonal branches. Normal septal perforator branches. The left circumflex is a nondominant vessel with only minor irregularities with normal obtuse marginal branches.
II. Right coronary artery: The proximal right coronary artery has a focal calcification. There is minor plaque with luminal irregularity in the proximal and midportion of the vessel with no narrowing greater than 10 to 20% at most. The right coronary artery is a dominant system which gives off normal posterior
descending and posterior lateral branches. TIMI 3 flow is present.
III. Left ventriculogram: The left ventricle is slightly enlarged with normal contraction of the base, but, with wall motion abnormality involving the anteroapical and inferoapical left ventricle with hypokinesis within the apical portion. Ejection fraction estimated 40%, 1+ mitral regurgitation (echocardiogram ordered).

DISCUSSION: Recent inferoapical mild myocardial infarction by left ventriculography and cardiac enzymes with elevated left ventricular end-diastolic pressure post A wave, but, only minor residual coronary artery plaque with calcification proximal right coronary artery.

PLAN: Medical treatment is contemplated, including ACE inhibitor, a beta blocker, aspirin, Plavix, nitrates. An echocardiogram is ordered to exclude apical left ventricular thrombus and to further assess ejection fraction.

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