Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Central Line Placement

Description: Right subclavian triple lumen central line placement
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

1. Severe chronic obstructive coronary disease.
2. Respiratory failure.

1. Severe chronic obstructive coronary disease.
2. Respiratory failure.

OPERATION: Right subclavian triple lumen central line placement.

ANESTHESIA: Local Xylocaine.

INDICATIONS FOR OPERATION: This 50-year-old gentleman with severe respiratory failure is mechanically ventilated. He is currently requiring multiple intravenous drips, and Dr. X has kindly requested central line placement.

INFORMED CONSENT: The patient was unable to provide his own consent, secondary to mechanical ventilation and sedation. No available family to provide conservator ship was located either.

PROCEDURE: With the patient in his Intensive Care Unit bed, mechanically ventilated in the Trendelenburg position. The right neck was prepped and draped with Betadine in a sterile fashion. Single needle stick aspiration of the right subclavian vein was accomplished without difficulty, and the guide wire was advanced. The dilator was advanced over the wire. The triple lumen catheter was cannulated over the wire, and the wire then removed. No PVCs were encountered during the procedure. All three ports to the catheter aspirated and flushed blood easily, and they were all flushed with normal saline. The catheter was anchored to the chest wall with butterfly phalange using 3-0 silk suture. Betadine ointment and a sterile Op-Site dressing were applied. Stat upright chest x-ray was obtained at the completion of the procedure, and final results are pending.




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