Medical Specialty:
SOAP / Chart / Progress Notes

Sample Name: Foot Pain - SOAP

Description: Patient having foot pain.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

SUBJECTIVE: This 32-year-old female comes in again still having not got a primary care physician. She said she was at Dr. XYZ office today for her appointment, and they cancelled her appointment because she has not gotten her Project Access insurance into affect. She says that Project Access is trying to find her a doctor. She is not currently on Project Access, and so she is here to get something for the pain in her foot. I did notice that she went in to see Dr. XYZ for a primary care physician on 05/14/2004. She said she does not have a primary care physician. She was in here just last week and saw Dr. XYZ for back pain and was put on pain medicines and muscle relaxers. She has been in here multiple times for different kinds of pain. This pain she is having is in her foot. She had surgery on it, and she has plates and screws. She said she was suppose to see Dr. XYZ about getting some of the hardware out of it. The appointment was cancelled, and that is why she came here. It started hurting a lot yesterday, but she had this previous appointment with Dr. XYZ so she thought she would take care of it there, but they would not see her. She did not injure her foot in any way recently. It is chronically painful. Every time she does very much exercise it hurts more. We have x-rayed it in the past. She has some hardware there. It does not appear to be grossly abnormal or causing any loosening or problems on x-ray.

PHYSICAL EXAM: Examination of her foot shows some well-healed surgical scars. On the top of her foot she has two, and then on the lateral aspect below her ankle she has a long scar. They are all old, and the surgery was done over a year ago. She is walking with a very slight limp. There is no redness. No heat. No swelling of the foot or the ankle. It is mildly tender around the medial side of the foot just inferior to the medial malleolus. It is not warm or red.

ASSESSMENT: Foot pain.

PLAN: She has been in here before. She seems very pleasant. Thought maybe she certainly might be having some significant pain, so I gave her some Lortab 7.5 to take with a refill. After she left, I got to thinking about it and looked into her record. She has been in here multiple times for pain medicine. She has a primary care physician, and now she is telling us she does not have a primary care physician even though she had seen Dr. XYZ not too long ago. We called Dr. XYZ office. Dr. XYZ nurse said that the patient did not have an appointment today. She has an appointment on June 15, 2004, for a postop check. They did not tell her they would not see her today because of insurance, so the patient was lying to me. We will keep that in mind the next time she returns, because she will likely be back. She did say that Project Access will be approving her insurance next week, so she will be able to see Dr. XYZ soon.

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