Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: MRI of Brain w/o Contrast.

Description: MRI of the brain without contrast to evaluate daily headaches for 6 months in a 57-year-old.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

EXAM: MRI of the brain without contrast.

HISTORY: Daily headaches for 6 months in a 57-year-old.

TECHNIQUE: Noncontrast axial and sagittal images were acquired through the brain in varying degrees of fat and water weighting.

FINDINGS: The brain is normal in signal intensity and morphology for age. There are no extraaxial fluid collections. There is no hydrocephalus/midline shift. Posterior fossa, 7th and 8th nerve complexes and intraorbital contents are within normal limits. The normal vascular flow volumes are maintained. The paranasal sinuses are clear.

Diffusion images demonstrate no area of abnormally restricted diffusion that suggests acute infarct.

IMPRESSION: Normal MRI brain. Specifically, no findings to explain the patient's headaches are identified.

Keywords: radiology, mri, diffusion, posterior fossa, axial, brain, contrast, extraaxial, flow, fluid collections, headaches, hydrocephalus, intraorbital, morphology, paranasal, sagittal, sinuses, vascular, weighting, without contrast, mri of the brain, noncontrast,