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Sample Name: PET Report - Whole Body Scan

Description: Whole body PET scanning.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

INDICATION: Lung carcinoma.

Whole body PET scanning was performed with 11 mCi of 18 FDG. Axial, coronal and sagittal imaging was performed over the neck, chest abdomen and pelvis.

There is normal physiologic activity identified in the myocardium, liver, spleen, ureters, kidneys and bladder.

There is abnormal FDG-avid activity identified in the posterior left paraspinal region best seen on axial images 245-257 with an SUV of 3.8, no definite bone lesion is identified on the CT scan or the bone scan dated 08/14/2007 (It may be purely lytic).

Additionally there is a significant area of activity corresponding to a mass in the region of the left hilum that is visible on the CT scan with an SUV of 18.1, the adjacent atelectasis as likely post obstructive in nature.

Additionally, although there is no definite lesion identified on CT , there is a tiny satellite nodule in the left upper lobe that is hypermetabolic with an SUV of 5.0. The spiculated density seen in the right upper lobe on the CT scan does not demonstrate FDG activity on this PET scan.

There is a hypermetabolic lymph node identified in the aorta pulmonary window with an SUV of 3.7 in the mediastinum.

No prior PET scans for comparison, there is a large lesion identified in the area of the left hilum with an SUV of 18.1 likely causing the obstructive atelectasis seen on the CT scan.

There is a tiny satellite area of hypermetabolic FDG in the left upper lobe adjacent to the pleura with an SUV of 5.0.

There is a area of hypermetabolic activity in the left paraspinal soft tissues at the level of the lung apices which may represent a focal bone lesion. However no lesion is identified on bone scan or CT scan.

There is a hypermetabolic lymph node identified. The aorta pulmonary window with a corresponding finding on CT scan with an SUV of 3.7.

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