Medical Specialty:
General Medicine

Sample Name: Gen Med SOAP - 6

Description: Patient with several medical problems - mouth being sore, cough, right shoulder pain, and neck pain
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

SUBJECTIVE: The patient is in with several medical problems. He complains his mouth being sore since last week and also some "trouble with my eyes." He states that they feel "funny" but he is seeing okay. He denies any more diarrhea or abdominal pain. Bowels are working okay. He denies nausea or diarrhea. Eating is okay. He is emptying his bladder okay. He denies dysuria. His back is hurting worse. He complains of right shoulder pain and neck pain over the last week but denies any injury. He reports that his cough is about the same.

CURRENT MEDICATIONS: Metronidazole 250 mg q.i.d., Lortab 5/500 b.i.d., Allegra 180 mg daily, Levothroid 100 mcg daily, Lasix 20 mg daily, Flomax 0.4 mg at h.s., aspirin 81 mg daily, Celexa 40 mg daily, verapamil SR 180 mg one and a half tablet daily, Zetia 10 mg daily, Feosol b.i.d.

ALLERGIES: Lamisil, Equagesic, Bactrim, Dilatrate, cyclobenzaprine.

General: He is a well-developed, well-nourished, elderly male in no acute distress.
Vital Signs: His age is 66. Temperature: 97.7. Blood pressure: 134/80. Pulse: 88. Weight: 201 pounds.
HEENT: Head was normocephalic. Examination of the throat reveals it to be clear. He does have a few slight red patches on his upper inner lip consistent with yeast dermatitis.
Neck: Supple without adenopathy or thyromegaly.
Lungs: Clear.
Heart: Regular rate and rhythm.
Extremities: He has full range of motion of his shoulders but some tenderness to the trapezius over the right shoulder. Back has limited range of motion. He is nontender to his back. Deep tendon reflexes are 2+ bilaterally in lower extremities. Straight leg raising is positive for back pain on the right side at 90 degrees.
Abdomen: Soft, nontender without hepatosplenomegaly or mass. He has normal bowel sounds.

1. Clostridium difficile enteritis, improved.
2. Right shoulder pain.
3. Chronic low back pain.
4. Yeast thrush.
5. Coronary artery disease.
6. Urinary retention, which is doing better.

PLAN: I put him on Diflucan 200 mg daily for seven days. We will have him stop his metronidazole little earlier at his request. He can drop it down to t.i.d. until Friday of this week and then finish Friday’s dose and then stop the metronidazole and that will be more than a 10-day course. I ordered physical therapy to evaluate and treat his right shoulder and neck as indicated x 6 visits and he may see Dr. XYZ p.r.n. for his eye discomfort and his left eye pterygium which is noted on exam (minimal redness is noted to the conjunctiva on the left side but no mattering was seen.) Recheck with me in two to three weeks.

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