Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples
Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples

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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Nephrology
Sample Name: Psychosocial Eval - Donor

Description: Psychosocial evaluation of kidney donor. Questions - Answers
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)


What is your understanding of the recipient's illness and why they need a kidney - "This kidney is for my mother who is on dialysis and my mother has been suffering long enough, and I want to relieve the suffering so that she is able to have a kidney transplant."

When and how did subject of donation arise - "My mom and I talked about it together as a family."


What was the recipient's reaction to your offer: "I would rather not go there. Well, since we were talking, "I will tell you that my mother really does not understand. She is very worried. She is very afraid that something might happen to me, and she would feel terrible if I had any problems as a result of being a donor. I don't think my mom really understands, and I know that she really needs a kidney. I think she is coming around to accepting."


What are your family feelings about your being a donor - "Well, my children are fine and my husband is very supportive."


How did you arrive at the decision to be a donor - "My brothers and sisters and I got together and we all decided since my schedule was the most flexible and I was used to traveling, I seem like to the best candidate."

How would your family and friends react if you decided not to be a donor - "I don't think that is going to happen."


How would you feel if you cannot be the donor for any reason - "I would feel very upset because I know that this is the best for my mother, and I want to do this very badly for my mother. I am hoping my headache is away and my blood pressure comes down so that I will start to feel better during this workup."


What is your relationship to the recipient - "That is my mother."

How your relationship with the recipient change if you donate your kidney - "I am not sure that it will change at all. I know that I will feel better about doing this for my mother, because my mother is always sacrificing and helping others."

With your being a donor affect any other relationships in your life - No, I don't think it will have that much of an impact. I am away from my children and my husband a lot because of I travel with my job. So I don't think being donor will really have that dramatic affect.

Do you have an understanding of the process of transplant - "Yes, I have a very good understanding of the transplant process. I work as a contract nursing all over the country. I am able to see patients doing different things in different places and so I feel like I have a very realistic perceptive on the process."


Do you understand the risk of rejection of your kidney by the recipient - "Yes, I do understand all the risks. I have had a long conversation with the coordinator and we have talked about these things."

Have you thought about how you might feel if the kidney is rejected - "I guess, I am just sure that I won't be rejected and I am just sure that everything will be fine. It is a part of the way I am managing my stress about this."

Do you have any doubts or concerns about donating - "No, I don't have any doubts or any concerns right now. I just wish this headache would go away.

Do you understand that there will be pain after the transplant - "Of course, I do."

What are your expectations about your recuperation - "I am planning on staying with my mom for three months in the Houston area after the transplant. We live outside of Tampa, Florida; so this will be an adventure for both of us."

Do you need to speak further to any of the transplant team members - "No, I have had a long talk with ABC. I feel pretty comfortable about my conversation with her as well as my conversation with the Nephrologist.


What previous illnesses or surgeries have you had - "I had a one cesarian section, and I also suffered from asthma as a child. I am in otherwise good health."

Are you currently on any medication - "Yes, I am on Folic acid."


Have you ever spoken with a counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist - "No, I have not. I have a good supportive system and a lot of people that I can talk to when I need to."


Do you smoke - "No."

Any typical drinks you prefer - "I am a nondrinker."

What kinds of recreational drugs have you tried? Have you used any recently - "None."

MARITAL STATUS: LENGTH OF TIME MARRIED: "I live with my family, my husband, and my two children with good relationship. We have been married for 29 years."
NAME OF SPOUSE/PARTNER: "His name is Xyz."
AGE AND HEALTH OF SPOUSE/PARTNER: He is in his 40s and he is healthy and lives outside of Tampo with our 6-year-old daughter. Our elder child has just finished college."
CHILDREN: I have two children; ages 28 and also 6.


With whom will you stay after discharge - "I will stay with a friend. He lives in the Houston area. I am staying with that friend right now, while I am here for my workup."


What is your current occupation - "I currently work on a contract basis as a nurse. I go on assignments all over the country, and I work until the contract is over. This allowed me to be flexible and the best candidate for donation to mom."

Do you have the support of your employer - "Absolutely."


Paid leave - "None."

Disability coverage: "None."

Travel - "yes."
Hygiene - "yes."
Medication - "Yes."
Ongoing dose at home - "Yes."

ASSESSMENT: This is a 43-year-old married, African-American female who presents for donor assessment and preparation for a possible kidney donation to her mother.

Keywords: nephrology, psychosocial evaluation, donor, kidney transplant, pain after the transplant, recipient, transplant process, psychosocial,
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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples