Medical Specialty:
Consult - History and Phy.

Sample Name: Bariatric Consult - Surgical Weight Loss - 4

Description: Patient presented to the Bariatric Surgery Service for consideration of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Ms. A is a 55-year-old female who presented to the Bariatric Surgery Service for consideration of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. The patient states that she has been overweight for approximately 35 years and has tried multiple weight loss modalities in the past including Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, TOPS, cabbage diet, grape fruit diet, Slim-Fast, Richard Simmons, as well as over-the-counter measures without any long-term sustainable weight loss. At the time of presentation to the practice, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall with a weight of 285.4 pounds and a body mass index of 46. She has obesity-related comorbidities, which includes hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: Significant for hypertension, for which the patient takes Norvasc and Lopressor for. She also suffers from high cholesterol and is on lovastatin for this. She has depression, for which she takes citalopram. She also stated that she had a DVT in the past prior to her hysterectomy. She also suffers from thyroid disease in the past though this is unclear, the nature of this.

PAST SURGICAL HISTORY: Significant for cholecystectomy in 2008 for gallstones. She also had a hysterectomy in 1994 secondary to hemorrhage. The patient denies any other abdominal surgeries.

MEDICATIONS: Norvasc 10 mg p.o. daily, Lopressor tartrate 50 mg p.o. b.i.d., lovastatin 10 mg p.o. at bedtime, citalopram 10 mg p.o. daily, aspirin 500 mg three times a day, which is currently stopped, vitamin D, Premarin 0.3 mg one tablet p.o. daily, currently stopped, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D 50,000 units q. weekly.

ALLERGIES: The patient denies allergies to medications and to latex.

SOCIAL HISTORY: The patient is a homemaker. She is married, with 2 children aged 22 and 28. She is a lifelong nonsmoker and nondrinker.

FAMILY HISTORY: Significant for high blood pressure and diabetes as well as cancer on her father side. He did pass away from congestive heart failure. Mother suffers from high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Her mother has passed away secondary to cancer. She has two brothers one passed away from brain cancer.

REVIEW OF SYSTEMS: Significant for ankle swelling. The patient also wears glasses for vision and has dentures. She does complain of shortness of breath with exertion. She also suffers from hemorrhoids and frequent urination at night as well as weightbearing joint pain. The patient denies ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease, bleeding diathesis, liver disease, or kidney disease. She denies chest pain, cardiac disease, cancer, and stroke.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: The patient is a well-nourished, well-developed female, in no distress. Eye Exam: Pupils equal and reactive to light. Extraocular motions are intact. Neck Exam: No cervical lymphadenopathy. Midline trachea. No carotid bruits. Nonpalpable thyroid. Neuro Exam: Gross motor strength in the upper and lower extremities, equal bilaterally with no focal neuro deficits noted. Lung Exam: Clear breath sounds without rhonchi or wheezes. Cardiac Exam: Regular rate and rhythm without murmur or bruits. Abdominal Exam: Positive bowel sounds. Soft, nontender, obese, and nondistended abdomen. Lap cholecystectomy scars noted. No obvious hernias. No organomegaly appreciated. Lower extremity Exam: Edema 1+. Dorsalis pedis pulses 2+.

ASSESSMENT: The patient is a 55-year-old female with a body mass index of 46, suffering from obesity-related comorbidities including hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, who presents to the practice for consideration of gastric bypass surgery. The patient appears to be an excellent candidate for surgery and would benefit greatly from surgical weight loss in the management of her obesity-related comorbidities.

PLAN: In preparation for surgery, we will obtain the usual baseline laboratory values including baseline vitamin levels. I recommended the patient undergo an upper GI series prior to surgery due to find her upper GI anatomy. Also the patient will meet with the dietitian and psychologist as per her usual routine. I have recommended approximately six to eight weeks of Medifast for the patient to obtain a 10% preoperative weight loss in preparation for surgery.

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