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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: ENT - Otolaryngology

Treats the ear, nose and throat/larynx in health and disease.

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Adenoidectomy procedure

Adenoidectomy - 1
Adenoidectomy. Adenoid hypertrophy. The McIvor mouth gag was placed in the oral cavity and the tongue depressor applied.

Adenoidectomy & Tonsillectomy & Lingual Frenulectomy
Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy and lingual frenulectomy. Chronic adenotonsillitis and ankyloglossia.

Adenotonsillectomy, primary, patient under age 12.

Adenotonsillectomy - 1
Adenotonsillectomy. Recurrent tonsillitis. The adenoid bed was examined and was moderately hypertrophied. Adenoid curettes were used to remove this tissue and packs placed.

Adenotonsillectomy - 2
Adenotonsillectomy. Adenotonsillitis with hypertrophy. The patient is a very nice patient with adenotonsillitis with hypertrophy and obstructive symptoms. Adenotonsillectomy is indicated.

Bilateral Myringotomies
Bilateral myringotomies, placement of ventilating tubes, nasal endoscopy, and adenoidectomy.

Bilateral Myringotomies - 1
Bilateral myringotomies with Armstrong grommet tubes, Adenoidectomy, and Tonsillectomy.

Bilateral Myringotomies - 2
Bilateral Myringotomy with placement of PE tubes

BMT - Bilateral Myringotomy Tubes
A sample note on bilateral myringotomy tubes

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Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Reports and Examples