Medical Specialty: Nephrology

Treatment of diseases that affect the kidneys.

Acute Kidney Failure
Patient with a history of coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, and stage III CKD.
AV Fistula - 1
Venogram of the left arm and creation of left brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula.
AV Fistula - 2
Creation of right brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula.
AV Fistula - 3
Creation of AV fistula, left wrist in the anatomic snuffbox.
AV Fistula - 4
Creation of autologous right brachiobasilic arteriovenous fistula - first stage.
AV Fistula - 5
Left forearm arteriovenous fistula between cephalic vein and radial artery.
Azotemia Consult
Acute renal failure, probable renal vein thrombosis, hypercoagulable state, and deep venous thromboses with pulmonary embolism.
Basilic Vein Transposition
Right basilic vein transposition. End-stage renal disease with need for a long-term hemodialysis access. Excellent flow through fistula following the procedure.
Chronic Kidney Disease - Consult
This is a 48-year-old black male with stage IV chronic kidney disease likely secondary to HIV nephropathy, although there is no history of renal biopsy, who has been noncompliant with the Renal Clinic and presents today for followup at the recommendation of his Infection Disease doctors.
Chronic Kidney Disease - Followup
Followup on chronic kidney disease.
Chronic Kidney Disease Followup
Chronic kidney disease, stage IV, secondary to polycystic kidney disease. Hypertension, which is finally better controlled. Metabolic bone disease and anemia.
Chronic Kidney Disease Followup - 1
Type 1 diabetes mellitus, insulin pump requiring. Chronic kidney disease, stage III. Sweet syndrome, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.
Clogged AV Shunt - Consult
Clogged AV shunt. The patient complains of fatigue, nausea, vomiting and fever.
Consult - Hydronephrosis
Marked right hydronephrosis without hydruria.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis
CT Abdomen & Pelvis W&WO Contrast
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 1
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with contrast
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 10
Evaluate for retroperitoneal hematoma, the patient has been following, is currently on Coumadin. CT abdomen without contrast and CT pelvis without contrast.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 11
Abnormal liver enzymes and diarrhea. CT pelvis with contrast and ct abdomen with and without contrast.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 2
CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis without and with intravenous contrast.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 3
CT of the abdomen and pelvis without contrast.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 4
CT abdomen and pelvis without contrast, stone protocol, reconstruction.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 5
CT abdomen without contrast and pelvis without contrast, reconstruction.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 6
Right-sided abdominal pain with nausea and fever. CT abdomen with contrast and CT pelvis with contrast. Axial CT images of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained utilizing 100 mL of Isovue-300.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 7
Lower quadrant pain with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. CT abdomen without contrast and CT pelvis without contrast. Noncontrast axial CT images of the abdomen and pelvis are obtained.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 8
Generalized abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, and recent colonic resection. CT abdomen with and without contrast and CT pelvis with contrast. Axial CT images of the abdomen were obtained without contrast. Axial CT images of the abdomen and pelvis were then obtained utilizing 100 mL of Isovue-300.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis - 9
Generalized abdominal pain with swelling at the site of the ileostomy. CT abdomen with contrast and CT pelvis with contrast. Axial CT images of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained utilizing 100 mL of Isovue-300.
CT Head, Facial Bones, Cervical Spine - 1
Motor vehicle collision. CT head without contrast, CT facial bones without contrast, and CT cervical spine without contrast.
Noncontrast CT abdomen and pelvis per renal stone protocol.
CT Scan of Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast
CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with contrast to evaluate abdominal pan.
CT Stone Protocol
Noncontrast CT abdomen and pelvis per renal stone protocol.
CT-Guided Biopsy - Kidney
CT-guided needle placement, CT-guided biopsy of right renal mass, and embolization of biopsy tract with gelfoam.
Cysto & Double-J Stent Insersion
Residual stone status post right percutaneous nephrolithotomy, attempted second-look nephrolithotomy, cysto with insertion of 6-French variable length double-J stent.
Cysto Stent Removal
Right lower pole renal stone and possibly infected stent. Cysto stent removal.
Cystopyelogram, left ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy, stone basket extraction, stent exchange with a string attached.
Cystopyelogram - 1
Cystopyelogram, clot evacuation, transurethral resection of the bladder tumor x2 on the dome and on the left wall of the bladder.
Cystoscopy, Ureteropyelogram, & Ureteral Barbotage
Right hydronephrosis, right flank pain, atypical/dysplastic urine cytology, extrarenal pelvis on the right, no evidence of obstruction or ureteral/bladder lesions. Cystoscopy, bilateral retrograde ureteropyelograms, right ureteral barbotage for urine cytology, and right ureterorenoscopy.
Cystourethroscopy & Retrograde Pyelogram
Cystourethroscopy, bilateral retrograde pyelogram, and transurethral resection of bladder tumor of 1.5 cm in size. Recurrent bladder tumor and history of bladder carcinoma.
Cystourethroscopy & Retrograde Pyelogram - 1
Cystourethroscopy, right retrograde pyelogram, right ureteral pyeloscopy, right renal biopsy, and right double-J 4.5 x 26 mm ureteral stent placement. Right renal mass and ureteropelvic junction obstruction and hematuria.
Discharge Summary - Hemodialysis
The patient is being discharged for continued hemodialysis and rehab.
Discharge Summary - Nephrology
Patient with left renal cell carcinoma, left renal cyst, had robotic-Assisted laparoscopic left renal cyst decortication and cystoscopy.
Discharge Summary - Urology & Nephrology
Solitary left kidney with obstruction and hypertension and chronic renal insufficiency, plus a Pseudomonas urinary tract infection.
End Stage Renal Disease - Consult
Management of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), the patient on chronic hemodialysis, being admitted for chest pain.
ESRD - Discharge Summary
This is a 46-year-old gentleman with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) secondary to diabetes and hypertension, who had been on hemodialysis and is also status post cadaveric kidney transplant with chronic rejection.
Excretory Urogram - IVP
Common Excretory Urogram - IVP template
Fistulogram & Angioplasty
Left arm fistulogram. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of the proximal and distal cephalic vein. Ultrasound-guided access of left upper arm brachiocephalic fistula.
Fogarty Thrombectomy
Fogarty thrombectomy, left forearm arteriovenous Gore-Tex bridge fistula and revision of distal anastomosis with 7 mm interposition Gore-Tex graft. Chronic renal failure and thrombosed left forearm arteriovenous Gore-Tex bridge fistula.
Hematuria - ER Visit
Presents to the ER with hematuria that began while sleeping last night. He denies any pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
Hemodialysis Fistula Construction
Construction of right upper arm hemodialysis fistula with transposition of deep brachial vein. End-stage renal disease with failing AV dialysis fistula.
Indwelling Catheter Insertion
Insertion of left femoral circle-C catheter (indwelling catheter). Chronic renal failure. The patient was discovered to have a MRSA bacteremia with elevated fever and had tenderness at the anterior chest wall where his Perm-A-Cath was situated.
Internal Jugular Vein Catheter Insertion
Acute on chronic renal failure and uremia. Insertion of a right internal jugular vein hemodialysis catheter.
Kidney Transplant - Followup
Status post cadaveric kidney transplant with stable function.
Laparoscopic Cryoablation
Right hand-assisted laparoscopic cryoablation of renal lesions x2. Lysis of adhesions and renal biopsy.
Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
Laparoscopic lysis of adhesions, attempted laparoscopic pyeloplasty, and open laparoscopic pyeloplasty. Right ureteropelvic junction obstruction, severe intraabdominal adhesions, and retroperitoneal fibrosis.
Leaking Nephrostomy Tube
Urine leaked around the ostomy site for his right sided nephrostomy tube. The patient had bilateral nephrostomy tubes placed one month ago secondary to his prostate cancer metastasizing and causing bilateral ureteral obstructions that were severe enough to cause acute renal failure.
Left laparoscopic hand-assisted nephrectomy.
Nephrectomy - Partial
Left partial nephrectomy due to left renal mass.
Nephrectomy - Partial (Laparoscopic )
Laparoscopic right partial nephrectomy due to right renal mass.
Nephrectomy - Radical
Right radical nephrectomy and assisted laparoscopic approach.
Nephrectomy - Radical (Laparoscopic)
Laparoscopic right radical nephrectomy due to right renal mass.
Nephrectomy - Transplant
Transplant nephrectomy after rejection of renal transplant
Nephrolithiasis - Progress Note
Septic from nephrolithiasis - Nephrolithiasis status post lithotripsy and stent placed in the left ureter, urinary incontinence, recent sepsis.
Nephrology Consultation - 1
Nephrology Consultation - Patient with renal failure.
Nephrology Consultation - 2
Patient with a diagnosis of pancreatitis, developed hypotension and possible sepsis and respiratory, as well as renal failure.
Nephrology Consultation - 3
Patient with end-stage renal disease secondary to hypertension, a reasonable candidate for a kidney transplantation.
Nephrology Consultation - 4
The patient is admitted with a diagnosis of acute on chronic renal insufficiency.
Nephrology Office Visit - 1
Nephrology office visit for followup of microscopic hematuria.
Nephrology Office Visit - 2
Nephrology office visit for followup of CKD.
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion
A 14-year-old young lady is in the renal failure and in need of dialysis.
Psychosocial Eval - Donor
Psychosocial evaluation of kidney donor. Questions - Answers
Psychosocial Eval - Donor - 1
Psychosocial donor evaluation. Following questions are mostly involved in a psychosocial donor evaluation.
Psychosocial Eval for Kidney Transplant
Psychosocial Evaluation of patient before kidney transplant.
Pyelonephritis - Discharge Summary
Pyelonephritis likely secondary to mucous plugging of indwelling Foley in the ileal conduit, hypertension, mild renal insufficiency, and anemia, which has been present chronically over the past year.
Pyeloplasty - Robotic
Right ureteropelvic junction obstruction. Robotic-assisted pyeloplasty, anterograde right ureteral stent placement, transposition of anterior crossing vessels on the right, and nephrolithotomy.
Renal Failure - Consult
Acute renal failure, suspected, likely due to multi-organ system failure syndrome.
Renal Failure Evaluation
Renal failure evaluation for possible dialysis therapy. Acute kidney injury of which etiology is unknown at this time, with progressive azotemia unresponsive to IV fluids.
Renal Insufficiency - Consult
Patient with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, COPD, hypertension, and renal insufficiency.
Renal Transplant - Cadaveric
Cadaveric renal transplant to right pelvis - endstage renal disease.
Renal Ultrasound
Ultrasound kidneys/renal for renal failure, neurogenic bladder, status-post cystectomy
Renal Ultrasound - 1
Bilateral renal ultrasound.
Shockwave Lithotripsy
Right shockwave lithotripsy, cystoscopy, and stent removal x2.
Ultrasound - Kidney
AP abdomen and ultrasound of kidney.