Medical Specialty: Allergy / Immunology

Diagnose disorders of the immune system and adverse reactions to drugs, foods and insect stings.

Allergy / Immunology
Allergic Rhinitis
A 23-year-old white female presents with complaint of allergies.
Allergy Evaluation Consult
Acute allergic reaction, etiology uncertain, however, suspicious for Keflex.
Asthma in a 5-year-old
Mother states he has been wheezing and coughing.
Chronic Sinusitis
Patient having severe sinusitis about two to three months ago with facial discomfort, nasal congestion, eye pain, and postnasal drip symptoms.
Ethmoidectomy and Mastoid Antrostomy
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery with left anterior ethmoidectomy and left mastoid antrostomy for chronic sinusitis and sinus cephalgia
Evaluation of Allergies
Chronic glossitis, xerostomia, probable environmental inhalant allergies, probable food allergies, and history of asthma.
Followup on Asthma
A female for a complete physical and follow up on asthma with allergic rhinitis.
Kawasaki Disease - Discharge Summary
This is a 14-month-old baby boy Caucasian who came in with presumptive diagnosis of Kawasaki with fever for more than 5 days and conjunctivitis, mild arthritis with edema, rash, resolving and with elevated neutrophils and thrombocytosis, elevated CRP and ESR.