Medical Specialty: Hospice - Palliative Care

Specialty seeking to optimize quality of life for those with life-threatening or debilitating chronic illnesses that are deemed terminal.

Hospice - Palliative Care
Care Conference With Family
Care conference with family at the bedside and decision to change posture of care from aggressive full code status to terminal wean with comfort care measures in a patient with code last night with CPR and advanced cardiac life support.
Hospice Visit - AIDS
Hospice care for a 41-year-old man with the AIDS complicated with recent cryptococcal infection, disseminated MAC and Kaposi's sarcoma.
Hospice Visit - CA of Cervix
Hospice care for a 55-year-old woman with carcinoma of the cervix metastatic to retroperitoneum and lungs.
Hospice Visit - CHF
Initial visit for a 95-year-old gentleman with a Hospice diagnosis of CHF.
Hospice Visit - Colon Cancer
Hospice visit for 77-year-old gentleman with advanced colon cancer.
Lung Cancer & MI - Hospice Cosult
Patient with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer, on hospice with inferior ST-elevation MI. The patient from prior strokes has expressive aphasia, is not able to express herself in a clear meaningful fashion.