Medical Specialty:
Diets and Nutritions

Sample Name: Dietary Consult - Hyperlipidemia

Description: Followup dietary consultation for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and possible metabolic syndrome
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

SUBJECTIVE: This is a followup dietary consultation for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and possible metabolic syndrome. The patient reports that she has worked hard for a number of weeks following the meal plan prescribed, but felt like she was gaining weight and not losing weight on it. She is not sure that she was following it accurately. She is trying to walk 1-1/2 to 2 miles every other day, but is increasing her time in the garden and doing other yard work as well. Once she started experiencing some weight gain, she went back to her old South Beach Diet and felt like she was able to take some of that weight off. However she realizes that the South Beach Diet is not a healthy diet for her and so is coming back for better instruction on safe weight loss and low-fat eating.

OBJECTIVE: Weight is 275 pounds. Food records were reviewed.

ASSESSMENT: The patient experienced a weight gain of 2 pounds since our last consultation which was two months ago. I did carefully review her food records and evaluated calories consumed. While she was carefully tracking the volume of protein and carbohydrates, she was getting some excess calories from the fatty proteins selected. Thus we rearranged her meal plan a little bit and talked about how to track her fat calories as well. She was more open to reducing the amount of protein from the previous meal plan and increasing slightly the amount of carbohydrates. While this still is not as much carbohydrate as I would normally recommend, I am certainly willing to work with her on how she feels her body best handles weight reduction. We also discussed a snack that could be eliminated in the morning because she really is not hungry at that time.

PLAN: A new 1500 calorie meal plan was developed based on 35% of the calories coming from protein, 40% of the calories from carbohydrate, and 25% of the calories from fat. This translates in to 10 servings at 15 grams a piece of carbohydrates throughout the day dividing them in to groups of two servings per meal and per snack. This also translates in to 2 ounces of protein at breakfast, 6 ounces at lunch, 2 ounces in the afternoon snack, 6 ounces at supper, and 2 ounces in the evening snack. We have eliminated the morning snack. The patient will now track the grams of fat in her meats as well as added fats. Her goal for total fats over the course of the day is no more than 42 grams of fat per day. This was a half hour consultation. We will plan to see the patient back in one month for support.

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