Medical Specialty:
Diets and Nutritions

Sample Name: Dietary Consult - 1

Description: Elevated cholesterol and is on medication to lower it.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

SUBJECTIVE: His brother, although he is a vegetarian, has elevated cholesterol and he is on medication to lower it. The patient started improving his diet when he received the letter explaining his lipids are elevated. He is consuming less cappuccino, quiche, crescents, candy from vending machines, etc. He has started packing his lunch three to four times per week instead of eating out so much. He is exercising six to seven days per week by swimming, biking, running, lifting weights one and a half to two and a half hours each time. He is in training for a triathlon. He says he is already losing weight due to his efforts.

OBJECTIVE: Height: 6 foot 2 inches. Weight: 204 pounds on 03/07/05. Ideal body weight: 190 pounds, plus or minus ten percent. He is 107 percent standard of midpoint ideal body weight. BMI: 26.189. A 48-year-old male. Lab on 03/15/05: Cholesterol: 251. LDL: 166. VLDL: 17. HDL: 68. Triglycerides: 87. I explained to the patient the dietary guidelines to help improve his lipids. I recommend a 26 to 51 to 77 fat grams per day for a 10 to 20 to 30 percent fat level of 2,300 calories since he is interested in losing weight. I went over the printed information sheet on lowering your cholesterol and that was given to him along with a booklet on the same topic to read. I encouraged him to continue as he is doing.

ASSESSMENT: Basal energy expenditure 1960 x 1.44 activity factor is approximately 2,800 calories. His 24-hour recall shows he is making many positive changes already to lower his fat and cholesterol intake. He needs to continue as he is doing. He verbalized understanding and seemed receptive.

PLAN: The patient plans to recheck his lipids through Dr. XYZ I gave him my phone number and he is to call me if he has any further questions regarding his diet.

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