Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: Achilles Ruptured Tendon

Description: Right Achilles tendon rupture.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

CHIEF COMPLAINT: Achilles ruptured tendon.

HISTORY: Mr. XYZ is 41 years of age, who works for Chevron and lives in Angola. He was playing basketball in Angola back last Wednesday, Month DD, YYYY, when he was driving toward the basket and felt a pop in his posterior leg. He was seen locally and diagnosed with an Achilles tendon rupture. He has been on crutches and has been nonweightbearing since that time. He had no pain prior to his injury. He has had some swelling that is mild. He has just been on aspirin a day due to his traveling time. Pain currently is minimal.

PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: Denies diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or pulmonary disease.

CURRENT MEDICATIONS: Malarone, which is an anti-malarial.


SOCIAL HISTORY: He is a petroleum engineer for Chevron. Drinks socially. Does not use tobacco.

PHYSICAL EXAM: Pleasant gentleman in no acute distress. He has some mild swelling on the right ankle and hindfoot. He has motion that is increased into dorsiflexion. He has good plantarflexion. Good subtalar, Chopart and forefoot motion. His motor function is intact although weak into plantarflexion. Sensation is intact. Pulses are strong. In the prone position, he has diminished tension on the affected side. There is some bruising around the posterior heel. He has a palpable defect about 6-8 cm proximal to the insertion site that is tender for him. Squeezing the calf causes no plantarflexion of the foot.

RADIOGRAPHS: Of his right ankle today show a preserved joint space. I don't see any evidence of fracture noted. Radiographs of the heel show no fracture noted with good alignment.

IMPRESSION: Right Achilles tendon rupture.

PLAN: I have gone over with Mr. XYZ the options available. We have discussed the risks, benefits and alternatives to operative versus nonoperative treatment. Based on his age and his activity level, I think his best option is for operative fixation. We went over the risks of bleeding, infection, damage to nerves and blood vessels, rerupture of the tendon, weakness and the need for future surgery. We have discussed doing this as an outpatient procedure. He would be nonweightbearing in a splint for 10 days, nonweightbearing in a dynamic brace for 4 weeks, and then a walking boot for another six weeks with a lift until three months postop when we can get him into a shoe with a ¼" lift. He understands a 6-9 month return to sports overall. He will also need to be on some Lovenox for a week after surgery and then on an aspirin as he is going to travel back to Angola. Today we will put him in a high tide boot that he will need at six weeks, and we will put him in a 1" lift also. He can weight bear until surgery and we will have it set up this week. His questions were all answered today.

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