Medical Specialty:
Cardiovascular / Pulmonary

Sample Name: Cardiac Catheterization - 2

Description: The patient with atypical type right arm discomfort and neck discomfort.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient has presented with atypical type right arm discomfort and neck discomfort. She had noninvasive vascular imaging demonstrating suspected right subclavian stenosis. Of note, there was bidirectional flow in the right vertebral artery, as well as 250 cm per second velocities in the right subclavian. Duplex ultrasound showed at least a 50% stenosis.

APPROACH: Right common femoral artery.

ANESTHESIA: IV sedation with cardiac catheterization protocol. Local infiltration with 1% Xylocaine.


ESTIMATED BLOOD LOSS: Less than 10 ml.

ESTIMATED CONTRAST: Less than 250 ml.

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Right brachiocephalic angiography, right subclavian angiography, selective catheterization of the right subclavian, selective aortic arch angiogram, right iliofemoral angiogram, 6 French Angio-Seal placement.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was brought to the cardiac catheterization lab in the usual fasting state. She was laid supine on the cardiac catheterization table, and the right groin was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. 1% Xylocaine was infiltrated into the right femoral vessels. Next, a #6 French sheath was introduced into the right femoral artery via the modified Seldinger technique.

AORTIC ARCH ANGIOGRAM: Next, a pigtail catheter was advanced to the aortic arch. Aortic arch angiogram was then performed with injection of 45 ml of contrast, rate of 20 ml per second, maximum pressure 750 PSI in the 4 degree LAO view.

SELECTIVE SUBCLAVIAN ANGIOGRAPHY: Next, the right subclavian was selectively cannulated. It was injected in the standard AP, as well as the RAO view. Next pull back pressures were measured across the right subclavian stenosis. No significant gradient was measured.

ANGIOGRAPHIC DETAILS: The right brachiocephalic artery was patent. The proximal portion of the right carotid was patent. The proximal portion of the right subclavian prior to the origin of the vertebral and the internal mammary showed 50% stenosis.

1. Moderate grade stenosis in the right subclavian artery.
2. Patent proximal edge of the right carotid.

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