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Sample Name: Aspiration - Knee Joint

Description: Erythema of the right knee and leg, possible septic knee. Aspiration through the anterolateral portal of knee joint.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: Erythema of the right knee and leg, possible septic knee.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: Erythema of the right knee superficial and leg, right septic knee ruled out.

INDICATIONS: Mr. ABC is a 52-year-old male who has had approximately eight days of erythema over his knee. He has been to multiple institutions as an outpatient for this complaint. He has had what appears to be prepatellar bursa aspirated with little to no success. He has been treated with Kefzol and 1 g of Rocephin one point. He also reports, in the emergency department today, an attempt was made to aspirate his actual knee joint which was unsuccessful. Orthopedic Surgery was consulted at this time. Considering the patient's physical exam, there is a portal that would prove to be outside of the erythema that would be useful for aspiration of the knee. After discussion of risks and benefits, the patient elected to proceed with aspiration through the anterolateral portal of his knee joint.

PROCEDURE: The patient's right anterolateral knee area was prepped with Betadine times two and a 20-gauge spinal needle was used to approach the knee joint approximately 3 cm anterior and 2 cm lateral to the superolateral pole of the patella. The 20-gauge spinal needle was inserted and entered the knee joint. Approximately, 4 cc of clear yellow fluid was aspirated. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

DISPOSITION: Based upon the appearance of this synovial fluid, we have a very low clinical suspicion of a septic joint. We will send this fluid to the lab for cell count, crystal exam, as well as culture and Gram stain. We will follow these results. After discussion with the emergency department staff, it appears that they tend to try to treat his erythema which appears to be cellulitis with IV antibiotics.

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