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Sample Name: Abscess Excision

Description: Excision of abscess, removal of foreign body. Repair of incisional hernia. Recurrent re-infected sebaceous cyst of abdomen. Abscess secondary to retained foreign body and incisional hernia.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Recurrent re-infected sebaceous cyst of abdomen.

1. Abscess secondary to retained foreign body.
2. Incisional hernia.

1. Excision of abscess, removal of foreign body.
2. Repair of incisional hernia.


INDICATIONS: Patient is a pleasant 37-year-old gentleman who has had multiple procedures including a laparotomy related to trauma. The patient has had a recurrently infected cyst of his mass at the superior aspect of his incision, which he says gets larger and then it drains internally, causing him to be quite ill. He presented to my office and I recommended that he undergo exploration of this area and removal. The procedure, purpose, risks, expected benefits, potential complications, and alternative forms of therapy were discussed with him and he was agreeable to surgery.

FINDINGS: The patient was found upon excision of the cyst that it contained a large Prolene suture, which is multiply knotted as it always is; beneath this was a very small incisional hernia, the hernia cavity, which contained omentum; the hernia was easily repaired.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was identified, then taken into the operating room, where after induction of an LMA anesthetic, his abdomen was prepped with Betadine solution and draped in sterile fashion. The puncta of the wound lesion was infiltrated with methylene blue and peroxide. The lesion was excised and the existing scar was excised using an ellipse and using a tenotomy scissors, the cyst was excised down to its base. In doing so, we identified a large Prolene suture within the wound and followed this cyst down to its base at which time we found that it contained omentum and was in fact overlying a small incisional hernia. The cyst was removed in its entirety, divided from the omentum using a Metzenbaum and tying with 2-0 silk ties. The hernia repair was undertaken with interrupted 0 Vicryl suture with simple sutures. The wound was then irrigated and closed with 3-0 Vicryl subcutaneous and 4-0 Vicryl subcuticular and Steri-Strips. Patient tolerated the procedure well. Dressings were applied and he was taken to recovery room in stable condition.

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