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Sample Name: Ophthalmology - Letter - 3

Description: Patient referred for narrow angles and possible associated glaucoma.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)




Dear XYZ:

Thank you very much for your kind referral of Mrs. ABC who you referred to me for narrow angles and possible associated glaucoma. I examined Mrs. ABC initially on MM/DD/YYYY. At that time, she expressed a chief concern of occasional pain around her eye, but denied any flashing lights, floaters, halos, or true brow ache. She reports a family history of glaucoma in her mother, but is unsure of the specific kind. Her past ocular history has been fairly unremarkable. As you know, she has a history of non-insulin dependent diabetes. She is unaware of her last hemoglobin A1c levels, but reports a blood sugar of 158 taken on the morning of her appointment with me. She is followed by Dr. X here locally.

Upon examination, her visual acuity measured 20/20-1 in either eye with her glasses. Presenting intraocular pressures were14 mmHg in either eye at 2:03 p.m. Pupillary reactions, confrontational visual fields, and ocular motility were normal. The slit lamp exam revealed narrow anterior chambers and on gonioscopy only the buried anterior trabecular meshwork was visible in either eye, but the angle deepened with gonio-compression suggesting appositional and not synechial closure. I deferred the dilated portion of the exam on that day.

We proceeded with peripheral iridectomies and following this upon her most recent visit on MM/DD/YYYY, I was able to safely dilate her eyes as her chambers had deepened and the PIs were patent. I note that she has an increased CD ratio measuring 0.65 in the right eye and 0.7 in the left and although her FDT visual fields and GDX testing were normal at your office, she does have an enlarged blind spot in either eye on Humphrey visual fields and retinal tomography also shows some suspicious changes. Therefore, I feel she has sustained some optic nerve damage perhaps from intermittent angle closure in the past.

In summary, Mrs. ABC has a history of narrow angles not successfully treated with laser PIs. Her intraocular pressures have remained stable. I will continue to monitor her closely.

Thank you very much once again for allowing me to have shared in her care. If I can provide any additional information or be of further service, do let me know.


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