Medical Specialty:

Sample Name: CT KUB

Description: Noncontrast CT abdomen and pelvis per renal stone protocol.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)


REASON FOR EXAM: Flank pain.

TECHNIQUE: Noncontrast CT abdomen and pelvis per renal stone protocol.

Correlation is made with the prior examination dated 01/16/09.

FINDINGS: There is no intrarenal stone or obstruction bilaterally. There is no hydronephrosis, ureteral dilatation. There are calcifications about the pelvis including one in the left upper pelvis, but these are stable from the prior study and there is no upstream ureteral dilatation, the findings therefore are favored to represent phleboliths. The bladder is nearly completely decompressed. There is no asymmetric renal enlargement or perinephric stranding as secondary evidence of obstruction.

The appendix is normal. There is no evidence for a pericolonic inflammatory process or small bowel obstruction.

Dedicated scan to the pelvis disclosed the aforementioned presumed phleboliths. There is no pelvic free fluid or adenopathy.

Lung bases appear clear. Given the lack of contrast, liver, spleen, adrenal glands, and the pancreas appear grossly unremarkable. The gallbladder has been resected. There is no abdominal free fluid or pathologic adenopathy.

1. No renal stone or evidence of obstruction. Stable appearing pelvic calcifications likely indicate phleboliths.
2. Normal appendix.

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