Medical Specialty:
General Medicine

Sample Name: SOAP - Substance Abuse

Description: He got addicted to drugs. He decided it would be a good idea to get away from the "bad crowd" and come up and live with his mom.
(Medical Transcription Sample Report)

SUBJECTIVE: This patient presents to the office today with his mom for checkup. He used to live in the city. He used to go to college down in the city. He got addicted to drugs. He decided it would be a good idea to get away from the "bad crowd" and come up and live with his mom. He has a history of doing heroin. He was injecting into his vein. He was seeing a physician in the city. They were prescribing methadone for some time. He says that did help. He was on 10 mg of methadone. He was on it for three to four months. He tried to wean down on the methadone a couple of different times, but failed. He has been intermittently using heroin. He says one of the big problems is that he lives in a household full of drug users and he could not get away from it. All that changed now that he is living with his mom. The last time he did heroin was about seven to eight days ago. He has not had any methadone in about a week either. He is coming in today specifically requesting methadone. He also admits to being depressed. He is sad a lot and down. He does not have much energy. He does not have the enthusiasm. He denies any suicidal or homicidal ideations at the present time. I questioned him on the symptoms of bipolar disorder and he does not seem to have those symptoms. His past medical history is significant for no medical problems. Surgical history, he voluntarily donated his left kidney. Family and social history were reviewed per the nursing notes. His allergies are no known drug allergies. Medications, he takes no medications regularly.

OBJECTIVE: His weight is 164 pounds, blood pressure 108/60, pulse 88, respirations 16, and temperature was not taken. General: He is nontoxic and in no acute distress. Psychiatric: Alert and oriented times 3. Skin: I examined his upper extremities. He showed me his injection sites. I can see marks, but they seem to be healing up nicely. I do not see any evidence of cellulitis. There is no evidence of necrotizing fasciitis.

ASSESSMENT: Substance abuse.

PLAN: I had a long talk with the patient and his mom. I am not prescribing him any narcotics or controlled substances. I am not in the practice of trading one addiction for another. It has been one week without any sort of drugs at all. I do not think he needs weaning. I think right now it is mostly psychological, although there still could be some residual physical addiction. However, once again I do not believe it to be necessary to prescribe him any sort of controlled substance at the present time. I do believe that his depression needs to be treated. I gave him fluoxetine 20 mg one tablet daily. I discussed the side effects in detail. I did also warn him that all antidepressant medications carry an increased risk of suicide. If he should start to feel any of these symptoms, he should call #911 or go to the emergency room immediately. If he has any problems or side effects, he was also directed to call me here at the office. After-hours, he can go to the emergency room or call #911. I am going to see him back in three weeks for the depression. I gave him the name and phone number of Behavioral Health and I told him to call so that he can get into rehabilitation program or at least a support group. We are unable to make a referral for him to do that. He has to call on his own. He has no insurance. However, I think fluoxetine is very affordable. He can get it for $4 per month at Wal-Mart. His mom is going to keep an eye on him as well. He is going to be staying there. It sounds like he is looking for a job.

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